Planning Applications

Details of any planning application listed below may be viewed on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at the Parish Council office located at Studley Village Hall. Alternatively visit for details of current and previous planning applications.


The parish council also welcomes any comments you may have about planning applications. Please contact the clerk, Lesley Gailey by telephone, 01527 853204 or by e-mail (

Planning Application will be considered on the 4th June 2019

19/01188/FUL: Mr John Marston, 4 Arrow View, Studley, B80 7FH
Proposed single storey extension to the rear
Comments due : 6th June 2019

19/00921/FUL: Mr Paul Barnett, 2 Highfield Road, Studley, B80 7RA
Proposed: Extension above garage for a bedroom and ensuite
Comments due : 7th June 2019

Planning application will be consider on the 14th May 2019

19/00979/FUL: Mr & Mrs Bayliffe, 16 Teal Road, Studley, B80 7LF
Proposed: First Floor rear extension and single storey front extension
Comments due : 22 May 2019

19/01066/LBC: Warner Leisure Hotels Warner Leisure Hotel, Studley Castle,B80 7AJ
Proposed: Repair works to building fabric affected by dry rot.
Comments due: 23 May 2019

Planning Notification- Amended/Additional Information
18/03589/FUL: Mr Steve Frampton, The Bungalow New Road, Studley
Proposed: Demolition of existing dwelling along with associated engineering works and erection of 6 nos dwellings.
The amended plans/documents may be inspected via the Council’s website at  Amended Plans are found under the “PLANS” tab and Amended Documents are found under the “APPLICATION” tab.  Superseded Plans or Documents are found under the “SUPERSEDED” tab.
If you have any queries on the proposal/amendment please contact the Case Officer  Tel: . Case Officers are available to take your calls up to 1.00pm each working day.  If a paper copy/copies of any of the amended plans/documents are required, please request by email to advising planning application number and plan number/document required and these will be posted out as soon as possible.

19/01164/ADV:CO-OPERATIVE FOOD FOOD PROGRAMME DELIVERY ORCHID GROUP, Co-operative Retail Services, Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7AR
Comments due: 30th May 2019

Planning application to be considered -30th April 2019

19/00785/FUL: Mr John Lambert, 68 Toms Town Lane, Studley,B80 7QP
Proposed: Demolition of single storey side extension to no: 68 and erection of two 2 Bed semi-detached dwellings with accompanying new access to road.
Comments due: 1st May 2019

19/00848/FUL: Mr & Mrs; Mrs N Marsden, 53 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed: : First floor rear extenstion, single storey side extension and new first floor side facing window
Comments due: 7th May 2019

19/00928/FUL: Mr & Mrs Bishop, 105 Redditch, Studley, B80 7AU
Proposed: Rear extension with roof aleration, front porch.
Comments due: 9th May 2019

19/01128/TPO: Priory Farm, Priory Court, Studley, B80 7BB
T844- poplar- reduce to 10 meters and remove side branches. Structurally unsound. T845-T847- poplar remove large deadwood. T848- poplar- Reduce to 5 meters trunk as a wildlife resource. High risk of uprooting. T849- T858- poplar- Removed large deadwood.
Comments due : 16th May 2019

Planning Applications that will be considered on 2nd April 2019

18/03575/FUL :Aldi Stores Ltd, 2 Birmingham Road, Studley B80 7BG
Proposed demolition of 2no. residential dwellings, extension to existing car parking area to increase car parking capacity and repositioning of existing vehicular entrance.  Proposed front and side extension to existing supermarket, external alterations and other associated works.
Comments due: 4th April 2019

19/00660/FUL : Mr B Annis, 10 New Road, Studley B80 7ND
Proposed rear extension
Comments due: 9th April 2019

19/00265/FUL: Mr Thomas Jones, 22 Crendon Close, Studley, B80 7DB
First Floor side extension over the existing garage
Comments due: 15th April 2019

19/00679/FUL: Tracey Fisher 1A Holt Road, Studley
Proposed: Single Storey extension to enlarge garage, conversion of garage to create bedroom. Replacement of existing flat roof above garage with pitched roof.
Comments due: 16th April 2019

19/00447/FUL: Mr & Mrs Ian Bewley, 32 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed: Partial demolition of and alterations to existing dwelling and construction of a new detached dwelling
Comments due : 16th April 2019

Planning Application will be discussed on the 5th March 2019

19/00137/OUT: Ms M Allen & Ms H Gayler- 92 Alcester Road,Studley
Proposed: Outline application for demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 8 dwellings (all matters reserved)
Comments due: 5th March 2019

18/03295/FUL: Mr & Ms Josh & Esther Yeng & Passingham- 44 Watts Road, Studley
Proposed Erection of one dwelling and associated works
Comments due: 7th March 2019

18/03770/FUL: The Group The Co-Operative Group
Proposed: Replacement of existing refrigeration plant with new plant
Comments Due: 11th March 2019

19/00036/FUL: Mr Zedane Akrawi & Mr Zerayan Sney
Studley Football Club, Abbeyfields Drive, Studley
Proposed: Change of use of part of car park to create a hand car wash facility.
Notified as an adjoining Parish Council
Comments due : 19th March 2019

Planning Applications will be discussed on the 22nd February 2019

18/03700/ADV: Studley in Business, Land Adjacent, Birmingham Rd/Alcester Rd, Studley
Proposed: Single sided totem sign
Comments due : 27th February 2019

18/03701/ADV: Studley in Business- Lamp Posts 8,9,10,13,17 & 19 Birmingham Rd, Studley
Proposed: Double sided lamp posts banners (lamp post 8,9,10,13,17 & 19)
Comments due : 27th February 2019

18/03703/ADV: Studley in Business- Land Adjacent to Alcester Road, Studley
Proposed: Single sided information board
Comments due : 27th February 2019

18/03707/ADV: Studley in Business- Land at Alcester Rd/Marble Alley, Studley
Proposed: Single sided information board
Comments due : 27th February 2019

Planning application to be discussed on the 5th Feb 2019

    • 18/03405/VARY: Variation of conditions 7,8 and 14 of planning permission 13/02560/VARY dated 8th May 2014 to allow for amended delivery hours, opening hours and to extend the hours of use of external lighting. Planning permission 13/02560/VARY is an approved variation of condition application of planning application 12/00659/VARY, which is an approved variation of condition application 10/02620/VARY, which is an approved variation of condition application for planning permission 08/02716/FUL:  Original description of development: Construction of a Class A1 Food Retail Store and associated car parking.
    • Comments due : 6th February 2019
    • 18/03746/VARY: Redditch Gateway Infrastructure Ltd, Land Adjacent to the rear A4023 Coventry Highway, East of Ravensbank and Winyates Green, Redditch.
    • Variation of conditions 2 & 8 to amend the parameters of development for the northern development parcel, and Phase 1 Ground Engineering works ( and changes to conditions 12, 16, 18, 21, 29, 31, 32, 36 and 37  to allow hedgerow and tree removal prior to the coming into effect of the relevant condition, and conditions 28 & 29 to relate to updated flood risk assessment) in respect of hybrid planning permission 17/01847/OUT (Stratford reference number)  17/00700/OUT (Redditch reference number), and 17/00701/OUT (Bromsgrove reference number dated 11th June 2019.
    • Original description of development (for 17/01847/OUT, 17/00700/OUT, 17/00701/OUT): ‘Hybrid application comprising: Outline planning application (with matters of appearance, landscaping, layout, scale and details of internal circulation routes reserved) for the development on a phased basis of 32ha of employment land for business/industrial uses (Use Classes B1, B2, B8). The development shall include: landscaping, parking, associated infrastructure, utilities, drainage (including SUDS) and ground engineering works; And Full planning application for Phase 1 Ground Engineering works, and details of means of access to the site from the A4023’
    • Comments due; 18th February 2019
    • 19/00111/FUL: Mr & Mrs  Foster, 10 Corbizum  Avenue, Studley, B80 7JW
    • Proposed: Demolition of existing conservatory and porch with the erection of a single storey side and rear extension and replacement porch.
    • Comments due:  11th February 2019

19/00121/VARY: Mrs Clare Dunlop, Roy Bikes, 94 Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7NP
Proposed: Variation of Condition 9 of 10/00914/FUL to amend the approved plan numbers (drawing No: 299_002A is to be replaced by drawing No 20199-002M)
Original description of development: Retention of two A1 retail units with creation of 2 no: residential units on first floor. Demolition of existing outbuildings and erection of 2 no. two storey dwelling houses to rear.
Comments due : 18th February 2019

18/03245/FUL: Mr Zyao Gao, Studley Spice, 75-77 Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7NJ
Proposed : Rear extension of restaurant and change of use of first floor from Class A3 (restaurant and cafes) to Class C3 (Dwelling houses) residential use.
An amendment/additional information has been received for the application shown above as follows: The description of development has been altered to better reflect the proposed development.
Written comments by 19th Feb 2019

18/03438/FUL: Mrs Catherine Whitfield, 1 Hamilton Drive, Studley, B80 7RP
Two storey dide and single storey rear extension
An amendment/additional information has been received for the application shown above as follows;
removal of front canopy, enlargement of side extension.
Comments due : 18th February 2019

Planning Application to be considered on 22nd January 2019

18/03702/ADV: Studley in Business, Studley Nature Reserve, St Judes Avenue, Studley
Proposed single sided information Board and Wayfinder directional arrow sigh
Comments due: 28th January 2019

18/03704/ADV: Studley in Business, Land Adjacent Former Studley Centre, Pool Road, Studley
Proposed: Finger Postx 2 and three sided totem information board
Comments due: 28 Jan 2019

19/000001/FUL: Mrs P Powell, 182 Alcester Road, Studley,B80 7PA
Proposed: Single storey side extension
Comments due : 30th Jan 2019

18/03698/FUL: Mr & Mrs Evans, 17 Albury Road, Studley, B80 7LW
Proposed: two storey and part first floor side extensions, lean to roof above existing flat roof garage and porch.
Comments due : 4th February 2019

18/02886/FUL: Tesco Express, 33-35 Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7LL
Proposed: Installation of new refrigeration plant and condenser (booster) and the replacement of 2 no. sales floor ac unit.
Comments due : 25th January 2019

  • 18/02276/FUL: Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland, 25A Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7LL
  • Proposed: Application for change of use from Financial and Professional Services (Class A2) to a Hot Food Takeaway (Class A5) including a new shopfront, ventilation and extraction system and associated ancillary works.
  • Amended/additional information a revised proposed elevation plan. The changes to the previous plan are as follows;
  • The shop front and first floor façade has been updated
  • Brickwork has been redecorated in an off-white/ cream colour where there is currently dark brick façade.
  • The existing window frame at first floor level now to include “traffic grey” frame
  • Fans lights are proposed to be included as part of the shop front glazing
  • Mullions have been added to the shop from glazing
  • Fascia sign height has been reduced.
  • Written comments by 30th January 2019

Planning Application to be considered on the 8th Jan 2019

18/03657/COUQ: Mr William Green & Son (Studley) Ltd, Field Farm, Hardwick Lane, Studley
Proposed: Prior approval for the change of use of an agricultural barn into 3nos dwellings including associated operational development under Class Q(b)
Comments due: 17th January 2019

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