Planning Applications

Details of any planning application listed below may be viewed on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at the Parish Council office located at Studley Village Hall. Alternatively visit for details of current and previous planning applications.


The parish council also welcomes any comments you may have about planning applications. Please contact the clerk, Lesley Gailey by telephone, 01527 853204 or by e-mail (

Planning Application to be considered on 19th November 2019

19/02053/FUL: Mr Vitalie Andreev, 9A Castle Road, Studley,B80 7LS
Proposed: Single Storey front extension, single storey side extension and garage conversion
Comments due: 25th November 2019

Planning Application to be considered on 5th November 2019

19/02491/LBC: Mr Neil Edden, 97 Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7NN
Proposed: Replacement of approximately 25 bricks and repointing work. Bricks will be well matched reclaimed ones.
Comments due : 4th November 2019

19/02700/LBC: Mr Neil Edden, 97- 101 Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7NN
Proposed: Demolition, rebuild and repair of boundary wall
Comments Due: 18th November 2019

19/02522/FUL: Mrs Hayley Pemberton, 94A Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7NP.
Proposed: Change of use from A1 retail to dog grooming salon (sui generis)
Comments due : 5th November 2019

19/02608/FUL: Mr Tony Perks Stratford on Avon District Council, at Studley Leisure Centre, Pool Road, Studley
Proposed: Single storey extensions to the existing building to provide spaces for Gym, Studio and new entrance lobby.
Comments due: 7th November 2019

19/03024/TPO: Mr Stephen Gladstone, 6 Riverside, Studley, B80 7SD
Proposed: T1- oak- Reduce by 15% and remove deadwood T2- ash- Reduce by 50%
Comments due: 15th November 2019

19/02762/FUL: Mr B Smith, Doric Works, Church Street, Studley
Proposed: Demolition of engineering workshops & construction of 6 new houses
Comments due : 19th November 2019

Planning Application to be considered on 15th October 2019

19/02617/ADV: Mr Stuart Billington, Warner Leisure Hotels
Studley Castle, Castle Farm Road, Studley, B80 &AJ
Proposed: 2nos. free standing signs at the entrance to the site to replace existing signage.#
Comments due : 18th October 2019

19/02699/FUL: Mr & Mrs Edwards, 26 Holt Gardens, Studley
Proposed: Rear extension together with replacement of existing flat roof and low level sloped roof with new pitched roofs to front and side/rear
Comments due : 23rd October 2019

19/02752/FUL: Mr & Mrs P Clarke, 10 Orchard Way, Studley, B80 7NZ
Proposed: A replacement roof, two front extensions and changes to the existing front elevation
Comments due : 23rd Oct 2019

Planning Application will be considered on 1st Oct 2019

19/02529/FUL: Ms Holgate & I Cargill, 9 Holt Garden, Studley,B80 7NU
Proposed: Replacement Dwelling.
Comments Due : 15th October 2019

19/02492/HHPA: Mr Neil Bishop, 105 Redditch Road, Studley
Proposed: Rear single storey extension to use as new sitting and eating area
Comments due 2 October 2019

19/02271/Ful: Mr Mike Stephenson, 3 The Newlands,Studley
Proposed: two storey side extension and porch to front ( amendment to previously approved 16/02457/FUL)
Comments due: 1st October 2019

19/02344/FUL: Mr Peter Jones, 19 Stapleton Road, Studley B80 7RH
Proposed: two storey side and front extension and single storey front extension
Comments due: 2nd October 2019

Planning Application to be considered on 17th September 2019

Planning Notification (Amended/Additional Details)
19/01594/FUL: Mr Sam Hands 26 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 2 nos Semi detached house
Amended details – Proposed Elevation & floor plan, Proposed Site Plan
The Proposed 2nos dwellings have been set further back from Crooks Lane and reduction in the height, mass and bulk of the 2 no. dwellings. Full details are available in the application tab on the online file, with comments provided the agent and detailing all of the changes and the reasoning for them.
The amended plans/documents can be view on Stratford District Council Website-
Written comments must reached Stratford District Council Planning by : 23rd September 2019

Notification under General Permitted Development Order.
Notification of intention to install electronic communication apparatus pursuant to the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development Order) 2015 and the Electronic Communications Code (Conditions and Regulations) 2003 (as amended)

19/02381/TEL28: Land Rear of 66 to 68, Station Road, Studley
Proposed: To install 1 x9 metre pole (7.3 metres above ground)
This is for information only.
All comments must be forwarded by 17th September 2019. Ms Amanda Bradshaw, Complex Engineering, Openreach, Leicester Cardinal TE, 34 Humberstone Road, Leicester, LE5 0AQ

Street Naming & Numbering – Request for Road Name
Development at Victoria Works, 33 Redditch Road, Studley, B80 7AU
Proposed name put forward : Victoria Gardens

Planning application will be considered on 3rd September 2019

19/01683/OUT: Ms M Allen & Ms H Gayler
Proposed: Outline application for demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 6 dwellings (all matters reserved)
Application withdrawn.

19/02105/FUL: M P Hunt, 6 Gunners Lane, Studley, B80 7LX
Proposed: New Bay window, enclosure of porch and extension of garage
comments due: 10th September 2019

19/02142/ADV: 25A Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7LL
Proposed: 1 no. fascia sign, 1 no title logo sign and 1 no projecting sign
Comments due: 12th September 2019

19/02082/FUL: Mr Stuart Williams, 36A High Street, Studley, B80 7HJ
Proposed: Single Storey rear extension, to include removal of small flat roofed existing extension
Comments due: 17th September 2019

Planning Application to be discuss on 20th August 2019

19/01594/FUL: Mr Sam Harris, 26 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 2 no. semi detached houses
Comments due : 27th August 2019

Planning Application to be considered on 6th August 2019

19/01496/FUL: Mr & Mrs Neil Rosiak, 55 Bromsgrove Road, Studley, B80 7PE
Proposed: Erection of single and two storey extensions
Comments due : 7th August 2019

Notification as an adjoining Parish Council.
19/01545/REM(DC), 19/00619/REM (BDC- Redditch Gateway, Stoford Gorcott Ltd, Land Adjacent to the A4023 Coventry Highway, East of Ravensbank and Winyates Green, Redditch Proposed: Application for approval of reserved matters relating to appearance, landscaping, layout, scale and access ( internal to the site) for a use class B8 (storage and distribution) building with ancillary floor space including use class B1 (offices); earthworks; plot and structural landscape works inclusive of an ecological enhancement area; internal access roads, car parking, gatehouse; utilities and plant infrastructure; on the northern development parcel. Pursuant to S73 permissions SDC 18/03746/VARY, BDC18/01596/S&£, RBC18/01626/S73 following outline permissions SDC 17/01847/OUT, BDC 17/00701/OUT, rbc17/00700/OUT
As an adjoining Parish Council comments made by the Parish Council will not trigger this application being determined at a Planning Committee but will be fully considered in coming to a decision on the application.
Comments due: 2nd September 2019

Planning Application will be considered on the -16th July 2019

19/00978/FUL: Mr Richardson Alexanders, 39 High Street, Studley, B80 7HN
Proposed: Change of use of butchers shop ( Use Class A) to drinking establishment (Use Class A4) on ground floor of premises, external alterations and associated works (retrospective)
Comments due : 22nd July 2019

19/01601/FUL: Mrs Brenda Loveridge, Land off Redditch Road, Studley
Proposed: Material change of use from vacant/agricultural land to residential caravan site for 2 pitches for occupation by Gypsy Traveller Family with associated hard standing, package treatment plant, utility blocks, storage sheds and dog runs. Part retrospective.
Comments due : 2nd August 2019

19/01683/OUT: Ms M Allen & Ms H Gayler, 92 Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7NP
Proposed: Outline application for demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 6 dwellings
Comments due: 23rd July 2019

19/01637/FUL: Mr Jonathan Sheriff & Mrs Heather Bingham
Proposed: Change of use to residential. Demolition of existing workshops and redevelopment of site to build a three bedroom house.
Comment due : 5th August 2019

Planning application to be considered on 18th June 2019

19/01191/FUL:  Mr & Mrs PR Robinson, Unit 2 , 32 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed : Demolition of existing B1 factory and erection of four dwellings with ancillary works
Comments due : 20th June 2019

19/00730/FUL: Mr & Mrs D Wright, 39 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed : Demolition of small single storey rear extension; construction of new two storey rear extension; construction of new facing brick plinth to visible perimeter; application of unifying render finish to external walls above plinth.
Comments due 2nd July 2019



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