Planning Applications

Details of any planning application listed below may be viewed on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at the Parish Council office located at Studley Village Hall. Alternatively visit for details of current and previous planning applications.


The parish council also welcomes any comments you may have about planning applications. Please contact the clerk, Lesley Gailey by telephone, 01527 853204 or by e-mail (

Planning Application to be considered on 3rd March 2020

20/00350/TPO: Mr Steven Baxter, Creative Video Production Ltd, Priory Mill, Castle Road, Studley, B80 7AA
Proposed: G1- Remove alder willow overhanging river and neigbbours properties. Willow pollard to 3.5 metres
Comments due: 3rd March 2020

Planning Application to be considered on 18th February 2020

19/03355/FUL: Mr Atgwal, 38A – 38B, High Street, Studley, B80 7HJ
Proposed: Rear extension to form additional retail area to shop premises and within roof void create a one bedroom flat with separate access from the rear.
Comments due: 26th February 2020

20/00064/OUT: Mr Dave Larkin DRL Building,26 Warwick Close, Studley, B80 7RE,
Propose :Outline permission for the demolition of bungalow and detached garage and construction of 3/4 bedroom detached property with integral garage (all matters reserved)
Comments due : 28th February 2020

Planning Applications to be considered on 4th February 2020

19/03507/LBC: Mr & Mrs Chris Smalley, Highfield Farm, Hardwick Lane, Clarke Green,Studley, B80 7DX
Proposed: Renovation and alteration to Highland Hill Farmhouse including additional structural, re-roofing, replacement windows and new surface water drainage.
Comments due : 5th February 2020

20/00107/FUL: Mr Vitalie Andreev, 9A Castle Road, Studley, B80 7LS
Proposed: Garage conversion and raising of existing flat roof. Pitched roof to porch and forming canopy over front ground floor window. Singe storey side extension. Rendering of external elevations.
Comments due : 6th February 2020
20/00107/FUL: Mr Vitalie Andreev, 9A Castle Road, Studley, B80 7LS
Plans amended to add a window to the garage conversion (front elevation) and to clarify the relationship between the rear extension and the boundary with neighbouring dwelling (number 9)
Comments due: 6th Feb 2020

19/03592/FUL: Mr Daniel G Wilson McCarthy and Stone Retirement Lifestyles Ltd
Land Adjacent C0-Operative Store, Alcester Road, Studley
Proposed: Redevelopment of derelict land adjacent Co-Operative store to deliver Retirement Living apartments (Use Class C3) association parking, landscaping, private amenity space and alteration to the existing one-way access road to from two-way access road.
Comments due: 12th February 2020

19/02684/FUL: T Drew Parkgate Services (Norton farm) Ltd The Royal Oak , 144 Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7NT
Proposed partial demolition of pub building and change of use of ground floor from Class A4 to Class C3 to create a 2-storey dwellinghouse, change of use of land from Class A4 to Class C3 and erection of 8 new dwellinghouses, detached garage, creation of access drive and other associated development.
Comments due: 13th February 2020

Planning Application to be considered on 21st January 2020

19/03596/FUL: Mr & Mrs Nigel Smith, 3 Holyoake Cottage, Hardwick Lane, Studley, B80 7AD
Proposed: Demolition of existing detached garage and replacement.
Comments due : 30th Januaryn 2020

Planning Application to be considered 7th January 2020

Amended/Additional Details
19/02762/FUL: Mr B Smith, Doric Works,Church Street, Studley, B80 7LG
Proposed: Demolition of engineering workshops and construction of 6 new houses
Amended plans and parking survey
Comments due: 8th Jan 2020

19/03332/FUL: Mrs Catherine Whitfield, 14 Station Road, Studley, B80 7HS
Proposed: 2 -storey rear extension to provide increased living space at the ground floor and additional bedroom at first floor.
Comments due: 9th January 2019

19/03540/FUL: Mr & Mrs M Freeman, 20 Mallard Road, Studley
Proposed: Single Storey side extension to residential property .
Comments due: 20th January 2019

Planning Application to be considered on 17th December 2019

19/03010/FUL: Mr & Mrs; Mrs Ian Bewley, 32 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed: Part demolition of existing dwelling with extension and new adjacent dwelling with detached garage
Comments due: 6th January 2020

Planning Applications to be considered on 3rd December 2019

19/03112/FUL: Miss Klare Roger, Nailer Cottage, 77 High Street, Studley, B80 7HN
Proposed: Drop Kerb
Comments Due : 18th December 2019

Planning Application to be considered on 19th November 2019

19/02053/FUL: Mr Vitalie Andreev, 9A Castle Road, Studley,B80 7LS
Proposed: Single Storey front extension, single storey side extension and garage conversion
Comments due: 25th November 2019

Planning application will be consider on the 14th May 2019

19/00979/FUL: Mr & Mrs Bayliffe, 16 Teal Road, Studley, B80 7LF
Proposed: First Floor rear extension and single storey front extension
Comments due : 22 May 2019

19/01066/LBC: Warner Leisure Hotels Warner Leisure Hotel, Studley Castle,B80 7AJ
Proposed: Repair works to building fabric affected by dry rot.
Comments due: 23 May 2019

Planning Notification- Amended/Additional Information
18/03589/FUL: Mr Steve Frampton, The Bungalow New Road, Studley
Proposed: Demolition of existing dwelling along with associated engineering works and erection of 6 nos dwellings.
The amended plans/documents may be inspected via the Council’s website at  Amended Plans are found under the “PLANS” tab and Amended Documents are found under the “APPLICATION” tab.  Superseded Plans or Documents are found under the “SUPERSEDED” tab.
If you have any queries on the proposal/amendment please contact the Case Officer  Tel: . Case Officers are available to take your calls up to 1.00pm each working day.  If a paper copy/copies of any of the amended plans/documents are required, please request by email to advising planning application number and plan number/document required and these will be posted out as soon as possible.

19/01164/ADV:CO-OPERATIVE FOOD FOOD PROGRAMME DELIVERY ORCHID GROUP, Co-operative Retail Services, Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7AR
Comments due: 30th May 2019

Planning application to be considered -30th April 2019

19/00785/FUL: Mr John Lambert, 68 Toms Town Lane, Studley,B80 7QP
Proposed: Demolition of single storey side extension to no: 68 and erection of two 2 Bed semi-detached dwellings with accompanying new access to road.
Comments due: 1st May 2019

19/00848/FUL: Mr & Mrs; Mrs N Marsden, 53 Crooks Lane, Studley, B80 7QX
Proposed: : First floor rear extenstion, single storey side extension and new first floor side facing window
Comments due: 7th May 2019

19/00928/FUL: Mr & Mrs Bishop, 105 Redditch, Studley, B80 7AU
Proposed: Rear extension with roof aleration, front porch.
Comments due: 9th May 2019

19/01128/TPO: Priory Farm, Priory Court, Studley, B80 7BB
T844- poplar- reduce to 10 meters and remove side branches. Structurally unsound. T845-T847- poplar remove large deadwood. T848- poplar- Reduce to 5 meters trunk as a wildlife resource. High risk of uprooting. T849- T858- poplar- Removed large deadwood.
Comments due : 16th May 2019

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